Actually I have never traveled abroad.

Recently another yen is getting higher again.

Recently another yen is getting higher again. I do not mean that it is, but maybe I feel like I got going abroad. Domestic travel is also good, but is not it that there are many people who like overseas likes traveling as well? Perhaps such a person is appreciative of this strong yen tendency. I also like to travel abroad. After all it is nice to have an environment different from routine everyday life, is not it? In fact, I think that overseas is more changing than domestic. Because even people traveling are different from people who meet each day. There are many countries that have not done so yet. I would like to see as many countries as possible in my lifetime. I would like to go to India if I am going. Now it seems that the period of high economic growth of Japan began, so the appearance of the country may change unexpectedly from now on. It is only now that the state of the change is seen. It is nice to travel abroad.

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