Actually I have never traveled abroad.

Last time, I wanted to go to a hot spring trip with my husband and two peo...

Last time, I wanted to go to a hot spring trip with my husband and two people and searched the inside of the net. Then, Beppu Onsen in Kyushu looked good and stayed in my eyes. While thinking ""It's good"" ... I had time, so I tried looking for others. Then, there was a Korean trip at the same price as going to Kyushu for fun. Korea is overseas. If you fly by airplane, it is overseas for the time being. It is a situation I can not imagine when I was young, that overseas travel is the same price as domestic travel. A long time ago, honeymoon trip was Hawaii. Everyone was quite expensive and was like a representative of a good trip. That is cheaper than traveling to the country now in the 21st century. It is a great era. If so, I like traveling abroad more than in Japan! If it is Korea in the neighboring country, I am longing for a delicious meal, watching drama. I also hear that the jewelry is cheap. I definitely want to go buy it. And I want to get rid of rash and whole body massage. Besides, I also want to go to Thailand. I hear that the esthetics of Thailand country is wonderful. Food is also good, nasi goreng is delicious ... China seems to have fake brands that look exactly like real. I want to buy and go home. China will be full of cheap ones. Also, I heard that the food is delicious. Although domestic roughly already, I watched most of it. So the rest of my life wants to make flowers blossom overseas. It is a really good age.

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