Actually I have never traveled abroad.

I think that there are no more people who think that

I think that there are no more people who think that ""traveling abroad is luxurious!"", But there are not many people who stand still as if they are traveling overseas. But I think that overseas trips have become ordinary at all compared to the past. It takes a little time to reach the back side of the earth, but if you go to the next Korea, it will be easier than a domestic trip. If you fly by airplane, it is the same as domestic travel over time, and cost is cheaper than domestic travel. If you want to taste a rich feeling without cost, I think that there is absolutely an option to travel overseas. And overseas there are charms that are not in Japan. Culture and customs are different for each country, and not only sightseeing but also meals alone can do different ways from Japan. Even if saying that it is far from the north to the south in the country, it is the same Japan, so it is not much different. If you go to a different country you will be able to experience experiences deviating from the common sense of the Japanese, but it will be good for you to learn. So, I love traveling abroad!

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